Dedicated Server Rental

Hong Kong Dedicated Server Rental is aimed to provide a variety of servers for web Hosting, email Hosting, ftp, backup, resilience, disaster recovery, load balance, cluster, vpn, erp, crm, mass mail, marketing campaign, bgp, gre tunnel, cdn, ddos, etc..

Dedicated Server Rental 17 個の商品があります。


  • HK Tier 3+ Kowloon...

    HK Tier 3 + Kowloon Data Center is a multi upstreams and 24 x 7 Data Center.

    All allocated bandwidth covers Hong Kong, International and China Regions. 

    There are over 10Gbps backbone and our Core Router provides auto route to ensure our multi upstreams can always provide a stable network.

    We support BGP, GRE Tunnel, APNIC AS 

  • 256 APNIC IPs Data Center

    256 APNIC IPs Data Center is a Data Center with huge number of IPv4.

    Each Dedicated Server can support 256 IPs or more.

  • HK Tier 3+ iAdvantage...

    HK Tier 3+ iAdvantage Data Center is a Data Center with 1Gbps Shared Bandwidth.

    Each Dedicated Server is under 10Gbps Backbone.

  • Special Global Server...

    We have the cheapest, the fastest, the optimized, the mixed and the most special plans Globally (Internationally). We can fit your price, specification, service period, etc. requirement.

  • BGP Dedicated Server...

    Bring your own IPs to our Data Center. We help you announce them and statically route the traffic to your server. Hong Kong has best routing in Asia Pacific. It is the best place for setting up a proxy, CDN, mirror or centralized server, vpn server , private cloud server and virtual dedicated/Private server VPS/VDS.

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Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items